Heather + Zach

Heather and Zach were such a sweet couple, and we had a great time photographing them at a new location for us! The Greenville area has so many gorgeous hidden treasures in the mountains. This beautiful bridge made a great background for their winter photos, and you can't even tell how cold it was that day! 

One of the most special things about being photographers is the ability to capture the authentic laughs and smiles of our couples. There is so much beauty in the genuine love they share, and this shoot was no exception. We hope you enjoy a few of our favorites of Heather and Zach! 

John + Hillary

Hillary and John are such a kind couple. These two are both our church family and friends, and we were so happy to do this session for them and spend some time together. Emily vividly remembers sitting with Hillary a few years ago in their college dorm while Hillary shared all about her perfect first date with this amazing guy named John, and if you had been part of that conversation, you wouldn't be surprised these two ended up together. The most beautiful thing about their relationship is that you know their love is so strong because of their love for Christ... and really, does it get sweeter than that? 

The colors of the leaves in Greenville have reached their peak, and the handiwork of God has been seen so clearly on the trees and landscapes! We hope you enjoy this session of our sweet friends Hillary and John! 


Lisa + Jeffrey

Campbell's Covered Bridge is a beautiful gem in Greenville that we never visited until about a month ago when one of our client's request to do their photos there. The beautiful red bridge and grassy fields are perfect for fall! For Lisa and Jeffrey's session, we headed out to this country view to capture some memories for them.

Lisa and Jeffrey were so sweet! These two had the most genuine smiles. They shared they are about to prepare to head to the mission field, so it was great to be able to capture some photos in the city they currently call home! We hope you enjoy!